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Apply my discovery in the astronomy to calculatethe bending light zheng sheng ming

Ⅴ.3. Third: apply in the astronomy to calculate the bending light

From above we have known the origin of gravitation. Here use this finding to calculate the bending light when it passing nears the sun.

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Fig.16. this is the state of light of star passing near the sun, is the distance between center of sun and passing light. A is the actual site of star, B is the site of seeing in the earth, R is the radius of sun.

here I apply my discovery get a formula that can describe the light of star when it pass near the sun:B 687D52F5BD38CE98FD92FA95E7EDE00F


Where is the distance between earth and sun, heris the distance between earth and star, because the are all constant, only , have a little change, so , here if and are all constant, then . Below table 13 is the tests result of this formula. From this test we can find that my formula is agreement with the data of bending light when it passes near the sun.

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